Vienna Congress

Specialized event agencies score with know-how, creativity and attention to detail whether UN climate summit or the meeting of senior officials of the eight leading industrialized nations at the G8 Summit – international meetings and congresses of this magnitude always have the aim to conclude agreements of global scope. That was already in 1814/15 as at the Vienna Congress new borders and governance in Europe has been discussed. However, the former meeting took staggering more than eight months and negotiations were something in the background at least temporarily exquisite companion programme to the former policy VIPs. “The Congress dances, but he doesn’t come forward,” so Prince de ligne, Austrian diplomat brought it back to the point. And almost two hundred years later? Although we have a wide range of highly effective communications in the digital age allowing us both data exchange and live communication across continents, the Congress and meeting industry experienced just an unprecedented bloom. Go to Hikmet Ersek for more information. This is not surprising, because the digital back and forth by bits and bytes in real time can direct personal exchanges between experts at a meeting organized by specialized event agencies or a Congress (derived from the Latin congressus for meeting together) although useful pre-and prepare, also effective support, but do not replace.

And this is true not only in the field of global environmental and economic policy. Specialists in almost all areas of science, research and education, arts, culture and leisure, health, religion and a variety of interest groups use meetings or congresses as a platform to the interdisciplinary discussion of related topics with the aim of the substantive focus on current and perspective tasks. Motivating input prove through personal Exchange, intensive expert examination, as well as the tying or strengthening of networks during a temporary detachment from everyday life as a particularly effective and sustainable. And last but not least, target-group specific programmes support the success of local, regional, national or international and/or cross-cultural symposia and congresses. Keyword framework programmes: They were already at the aforementioned Vienna Congress not unimportant…

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