Want To Open Your Own Business?

To ensure success when you open your own business the most important thing is to have an innovative product or service, if I know that sounds obvious!, But let tell you that this truism is not understood for most entrepreneurs, so it is such high mortality of new business in its first year … more than 90%. Governor Cuomo wanted to know more. Most ideas are almost the only copy clones, regardless of variations of each business, such as, location, type of consumer, customs, etc. Do not be misled by appearances, if someone is very successful in something, almost always for a differentiation in the product or service, remember phrases like, “The food is bad but I love how they treat me” “You have a lousy service but I am because you are rich “” I know it is very expensive but worth it “from here we can conclude that there is no question of service, taste or price. The most important thing is to have a competitive advantage, focus on that, without losing sight of that is something you feel identified and satisfied, somewhat good and unique. Only a matter of investing time creating differentiation, with a variation or combination of two ideas to create something unique. I remember one person who came up with, make snow rare flavors it was great, a friend of mine came up christening cakes ham as “Quinceanera” and the reed as “Slick, in a restaurant near a college and students make long lines to” throw “a” Slick “or a” Quinceanera “, you get the idea! no need for complicated, on the contrary the more simple the better, these people won a lot of money with its innovative products.

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