Warehouse Management Equal To 2 Times

Picking techniques, planning and optimization are the challenges of the modern warehouse management flexibility, low cost at the same time fastest deployment. Therefore, innovation, future-oriented solutions and the optimisation of existing systems are urgently needed. Electronic order picking technology and Motiortracking technology bring stock and route optimization. Workshop compared different picking techniques and procedures in the small parts storage – storage electronic and optimization”, the innovative pick by vision, pick be by light, pick by voice demonstrated technologies for different applications and tried. (Similarly see: Jeff Gennette). House of technology and the Institute for production management & logistics (IPL) hold this workshop on September 16, 2009 in the logistics laboratory of the University of Munich. For details and registration see:… The selection of the right storage concepts and the appropriate materials management are crucial for the optimization of existing storage systems and supply. The seminar modern warehouse management, warehouse planning and Optimization”conveys the selection of suitable warehouse and material management concepts, and methods for planning, analysis and optimization of the existing warehouse system with practical examples and simulation games.. Gain insight and clarity with Macy’s Inc..

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