Wedding Expenses

It is 2:00 and shooting only 20 photos on disk, and the rest wedding day (12chasov shooting) involves approximately 700 1200sht. photos. You, of course, so many photos and do not need, but you will have to choose to print. Besides, if the cost of services includes printing wedding photographer photo books, the more pictures you get, the more varied will photobook. As a result, you get your hands on: a wedding cd with photos, the drive to the wedding slideshow (discs decorated cover), photobooks. This list can vary, depending on the arrangement with the photographer. Manufacturing period is 7-14 days. For many the question is “feed the photo / video operator at the wedding or not?” Logical question, because we like argue? “A person works, gets paid for it, but it still needed to feed?” At every wedding are empty seats, because not all people come, so if you have the opportunity to feed the photo and video operator, they will would be very grateful.

Professional video operator – the person at the wedding you want, but not required. I’m not in any case not plead the merits of the video operators, but I think that any couple held a wedding will agree with me that after 10 views wedding film, he is no longer interesting. Although people are different, someone likes more videos to someone photo. Some people think that the photo / video – operators are those creatures with two heads and four hands, which are simultaneously removed and photo and video.

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