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Tangible assets real estate property is one of the pillars of the tax-free asset building. Not only the home, instead of rented real estate are an excellent investment. Only the property provides high security, compensation for inflation, tax benefits, return and an additional source of income in the age or minimising the expenditure for housing for the elderly in this group. 5. Security yield the observed lack of new and energetic contemporary living room allows you to continuously increase the rents in appropriate locations.

More than 6% yield in the year with rented residential real estate are not unusual. The acquisition of a value stable and profitable real estate also reduces your risk with your investment strategy. 6. buy with system and mind (trust your gut feeling). Regardless of the location of the object (which still belongs to the most important criteria) every buyer should be necessarily a personal picture of the new home and its surroundings make. Own experiences and assessments and your gut feeling can be benefited when choosing the right property. 7 Bankkonditione better n who already has a fully or partially paid real estate, in the financing of a new real estate investment or broadening significantly more favourable terms can secure. The same applies also when applying for consumer credit, such as a new car.

8 asset in the age of the statutory pension scheme no longer sufficient to maintain the accustomed standard of living in the age. Here, private provision is absolutely necessary. Quality real estate brings continuous rental secures your income at the age and protects against high and unaffordable rents in the retirement. 9 home, as I want it and it imagine it’s tired to live according to the taste and comply with your landlord? Only the internally used, even decorated with planned home offers your very own Wohn(t)Raum”. Just according to your taste. Whether You are a beautiful wood-burning stove into your living room install, is entirely your decision. And to cool off in the summer no one forbids the private swimming pool you. Except maybe the cat who constantly want to bathe your children. 10 intelligent asset inherit from your possession together with real estate assets to your children and to pass on offspring, is a desirable goal. Also in this case the real estate will help you. High donation tax credit carry your part in that condominium for your heirs can be preserved, along with the described advantages. These arguments have no claim to be exhaustive. There are certainly many more reasons why a real estate purchase is recommended.

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