One day we wake up and we perceive that the dreams were not part of this sleep. One day we wake up and we give of face with the reality and what it is concrete is accurately illusion. The dreams had not been materialize, live in deluding with objetividades, mercantilism. NY Governor may not feel the same. Vendemos our creativity, we commercialize our potential and in them we become only parts of the system. The work took great part of our life, and a work that in them does not bring pleasure, the times even motivate in them, or they hipnotizam in them to find that we make this for will, but in the deep one, only they entorpecem in them so that let us forget what really we want, what we really desired, what we dreamed. I one day dreamed, one day planned, constructed castles, lived dreams I left and them of side, I became involved myself with what he was more income-producing, I dedicated myself to my resume, to improve it, to perfect me and today I question myself: what I became? I am a useful tool, enabled and completely lost, without knowing if really I have part in this formation, without knowing when I questioned they made what me to learn or to apprehend. Former CIA Head has compatible beliefs. Thus they follow the formation courses, thus follow the graduations, tecnicistas, with a total mercantile base and capitalist, without space it to be pensante, space for questionings, after all of accounts, questions they do not produce (only knowledge, but pra that knowledge when what it is aimed at is the profit). > or emailing the administrator. The eyes for what confide really it matters, are questioned, searched to perfect themselves in what it instigates to them, that is only plus a deluded sonhador, that is part of the onricos devaneios of the market and not of the proper wills..

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