Workshop Yoga

For operational health promotion, there are only winners! Unique in the Karlsruhe-Bruchsal area! Occupational health workshop Yoga directly at the workplace! Entrepreneurs and companies have long discovered that a healthy, happy and balanced employee represents their highest good – especially in times of crisis, that demand from all involved performance. It is a sign of appreciation, to do good to his employees. For this purpose the yoga teacher Daniela S. Sedlaczek offers a single something in the region in and around Karlsruhe: can special on the workplace and the resulting physical ailments be reduced or completely avoided in the context of occupational health care. This leads to reduced sick leave, physical and mental relaxation, strengthening of muscles and nervous system, stress reduction and stabilization team, total an increase of well-being, health and productivity in the operation. This comes directly in the operation, in which Daniela Sedlaczek with workshop Yoga Production hall, in the workplace. The workers need any equipment, he wastes no time through driveways. Just before the beginning of the work, at lunch, or also in connection to the working time is entered in small groups targeted on participants.

Previous experience is not necessary, each exercise is declared competent and supported. This is not acrobatic exercises, but usually to simple tense – and relaxation exercises, muscle work, back school or breathing exercises that anyone can perform. Empirical studies by health insurance companies and health associations show the great effects of yoga. Already a StundeYoga leads in the week after a short time measurable improvements of the health of the participants. Take advantage of this offer as an entrepreneur. Increase the motivation of your employees, bind it more to the company, and improve at the same time operating climate and productivity! Their workers benefit twice: on the one hand is their physical and mental health funded and on the other hand must be taxed the workplace health promotion up to an amount of 500,-per calendar year not imputed. Contact: Santosha networks Daniela Sedlaczek seeds 3 76297 Mare Lake Tel. 07249 951347 mobile 0178 2336776 fax 07249-951347 homepage: email:

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