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Widely accepted for the international agencies of development (World Bank), as well as, for the distinct theoretical chains that if dedicate to the study of the participativa Democracy and the public administration, Oramento Participativo (OP), experiment that if at the beginning became characteristic in Brazil in the famous cases of Porto Alegre (RS) and Belo Horizonte (MG) of years 90, on a large scale spread the notion of good government, transparent and responsible public administration. On this model of good government, an agenda of reflections is arisen on the effectiveness of these mechanisms of participation in the scope of the quarrel, mobilization and implementation of public politics from the works in the interior of the OP. The intention of this assay, is not to evaluate concrete cases of public Politics and experiences of the OP; but yes, systemize information and theories on this thematic one, making one soon critical analysis from some specialized theories of the State and its dialogue with the Civil Society, articles, concepts and conceptions of public politics, Participativo Budget and participativa democracy. II – The PRESENT TIME OF the SUBJECT OF the PUBLIC POLITICS IN BRAZIL the field of the public politics, widely argued in Brazil; it brings in its bulge a gamma of reflections on the paper that these play inside of the governments, mainly as for the impulse of the economic development and the promotion of the social inclusion of great part of the population. For Mead (1995); Lynn (1980); Peters (1986); Dye (1984) apud Souza (2003), the first definitions of public politics in international scope, was concentrated excessively in the paper of the governments in making or not definitive actions; influencing, modifying or regulating individual and collective the behavior. That of one it forms unilateral, left of side the aspect conflituoso and the social possibilities of cooperation of these with other institutions and groups.

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