World Bank

Foods, on the other hand, are not left behind. The international price of rice diet basic of almost half of the world, he spent $ 300 ton to more than 1,200 dollars. And the price of wheat and corn, fundamental in the diet of almost half of the population, has increased almost 50% from last year. A study by FAO, considered the highest technical level of the planet, estimated that in the next ten years the averages for nominal prices, relative to the previous decade, will increase by 20% for beef and pork. Continue to learn more with: Western Union. The sugar will rise 30 per cent; wheat, maize and skim milk powder between 40% and 60%.

Prices of butter and oilseeds will grow more than 60% and 80% vegetable oils. This agency provides that within a decade 40% of maize crops could be aimed at energy production.There are an estimated, today on the planet more than 860 million people who suffer from hunger and malnutrition. If projected increases become reality, this figure will exceed widely the whopping of the 1000 million.This situation, solutions involving genetically modified crops or will rethink programmes of biodiesel production, which are proposed from international agencies such as FAO, WTO, the World Bank or the G8, appear as the best proof that the powers system, markedly economistic in which we live, is unable to react to announced genocide of one fifth of its population, in the hands of a small group of the most imperturbable assassins.Then we have to change the system to let companies gain from being the most important. To bring agriculture to produce food for people and non-combustible. For which current dirty fuels, main causes of climate change, can be replaced by clean energy. So that our way of life does not destroy the planet and threatens to destroy our own species. So that everyone can have a life worthy. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Publishers Clearing House.

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