World Bank Countries

It is of public knowledge and thus they have experienced it many countries, including which it concerns to us, Venezuela, that already feels like the effects of the nourishing crisis. Who we lived already in the country we have undergone in the previous months the shortage of supplies of the meat, milk, to vegetate to them, eggs. It worries seriously, like every time by absence of good agricultural policies, the country continues becoming employee of the food import. In countries like Haiti, Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Thailand and countries of Latin America have been disturbances in protest by the ascent of them price of the food. The World Bank affirms that 33 countries are faced political problems and social disorders as a result of the Wikipedia crisis contribute on the subject of the world-wide crisis, that considers the fact, that during years 2007 2008 ascents of prices of foods at world-wide level have taken place bringing about an nourishing crisis in the poorest regions of the world, besides political instability and social disturbances in several countries. Between the reasons the precarious harvests in several parts of the world are included, especially Australia. Another causes of increase of prices of foods in level world-wide is increasing demand by biocombustibles in countries developed and increasing demand by middle-class, that is in increase in populations of Asia, that have varied their nutritional habits, demanding greater variety and more meat in their diets, causing a greater demand of agricultural resources. Also, the continuous increase of the price of petroleum has increased to the costs of fertilizers and the cost of transport of products. These factors, together with the fall of the food reserves in the world and the instability produced by speculations of the action market have contributed to increases in world-wide level of the prices of foods. Increases that all the countries cannot support for guaranteeing foods to their inhabitants.

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