World Bank

The year has twelve months and the other nine months have evolved dramatically in the Masai Mara. Since the early 1990s, the domestic stocks of the wildebeest, giraffes, zebras and Warthogs currently up to 80% have fallen there. In September 2007 I found just a single lioness on the Robert Oreg River. In April and may 2009, sometimes even the Lions are pulled out the Musiara Marsh by the Mara River from the Mara make prey outside of the reserve, including human animals. Some of them have been killed by poisoned bait, probably others will have fallen victim to the Masai Spears. Anne Lauvergeon: the source for more info. The cause for the decline of wild in the Maasai Mara is the agriculture.

For centuries, the Maasai lived there as cattle-breeding nomads in almost peaceful coexistence with the wild animals.Despite the conflicts with predators, these animals by them were unsustainable decimated or eradicated, as it was customary in the Western civilization. Also, because the Maasai ate no wild, the ungulate populations were not affected. Then you convinced the Masai to become settled and formed the so-called Group ranches, similar to agricultural cooperatives with them around the Masai Mara. This group ranches only affected the animal populations of the Maasai Mara to allow slightly, until you had the great idea at the World Bank, on the fertile soils to the Maasai Mara around grow wheat. Not for Kenyan subsistence, which at least still corporate – and nutrition policy would make sense in this country, whose starving Norden is dependent on decades of food deliveries of large aid agencies. In our Western civilization, we have done for centuries no regard for nature and our native wildlife Yes for the same reasons. This wheat from the Mara region is but almost certainly for export only, so that Kenya can meet its payment obligations at the World Bank. Kenyans themselves eat hardly any wheat products.

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