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Pandemic contingency planning is lacking in most nursing homes, care and community facilities – new practice guide is the solution! Pandemic contingency planning is lacking in the most old people’s homes, …neues practice manual care and community facilities is the solution! The new practice facility “influenza pandemic contingency plan” by Hygenia NET remedy here! In the 120 pages strong Handbook the basic foundations for a pandemic influenza emergency planning are understandable and clearly presented and shown in many practical hints what really matters. Using the work instructions, checklists and pandemic hygiene plans that a finished version available sample plans, forms, posters, can every operation, every nursing home, health care facility or other facility with catering quickly, easily and safely create an in-house individual emergency plan.The contingency plan can be customized to every operation. All documents are filed in a practical ring binder – simply take out and either manually or by means of Customize the CD-ROM on the respective establishment. A tremendous savings in time and cost, white immediately – when – as in each implementation phase to do what everyone is to minimize the impact of a possible pandemic on employees, residents, suppliers, members, and the entire operation. Experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) set expecting a global influenza pandemic. Although countries and authorities responded and in the event of an outbreak in this country as well as possible care prepares for, but in our homes for the elderly, or a corresponding provision is absent still largely other facilities with catering.

While the consequences would be devastating here! In the heyday of a wave of disease, the facilities with up to 50 percent face personal failure with dire consequences for the maintenance and care of the wards. But the illness-related failure of suppliers and the Elimination of important resources threaten the supply and capacity of the entire operation. In the face of this threat is it very surprising that so far only a few facilities with an emergency plan have taken appropriate precautionary measures for such a looming disaster. The sponsoring organizations are responsible for crisis management measures in the institutions and the Federal Office for civil protection and disaster relief (BBK), the federal countries – working groups, as well as the Robert-Koch-Institut (RKI) companies already on the potential impact of a pandemic threatening to prepare businesses and companies, and to consider measures that ensure the maintenance of the business operation in case of emergency, failure by employees with high disease rates or discontinuation of important resources advises the home lines. The pandemic first broke out no time remains completely safe for appropriate measures and contingency plans! With good precautionary measures, say a competent emergency planning, the effects can soften and shorten the response times. With such a Instrument of the Community body, the entire home operation even in the event of a crisis can be maintained.

Ensures the protection of staff, residents and families, the institution remains functional and normal everyday life will be maintained as much as possible. According to WHO the question is not whether a pandemic arrives – but only when! The practice pandemic influenza contingency plan provides the solution… at the subscription price from 149,00 incl. VAT and NN (plusPostage / packaging 10.90) source and press contact Hygenia-net GmbH – Institute of professional hygiene management Web: E-Mail:

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