World War II

Also Kierkegaard thought about these questions, displaying in its workmanships fear and tremor. The existencialismo is, then, a reaction against the systematic constructions that annulled to the man in the way them abstractions, depersonalizing it. The existencialismo could be defined as the doctrine most traditional of our century. After two World-wide Wars, according to Bergman (2004), the civilization occidental person tried a bankruptcy moral. Marcante in the decades of 1950 and 1960, the existencialismo not only influenced the creation of workmanships the philosophy, but also in the theater, cinema, music, literature, theology and psychiatry. It reached its height in the Europe with the desencantamento that if followed of World War II (Blackburn, 1997).

It can be faced as a reaction to any form of alienation human being, therefore ' ' this is not a mere being, but before, one existente' '. The term existencialismo, in accordance with Abbagnano (2003), can be defined as joint of philosophy and philosophical chains, appeared to leave of the decade of 1930, approximately, whose trace common they are not the conclusions or the estimated ones (therefore these differ in the authors and its theories), but the instrument that if they are valid: the analysis of the existence. For the existencialismo, according to Japiasss and Marcondes (2006), ' ' in the man, the existence, that if identifies with its freedom, precedes the essence; therefore, since our birth, we are launched and abandoning in the world, without support and reference the values; we are who we must create our values through our proper freedom and under our proper responsabilidade.' ' (P. 99) Sartre defines the existencialismo in its text the existencialismo is a humanismo, to follow: ' ' We conceive the existencialismo as a doctrine that becomes the life possible human being and that, on the other hand, declares that all truth and all action imply a way and a subjectivity humana.' ' (Sartre, P.

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