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Staff experts on 380 square meters in the city centre is 25 years a competent contact ZAG staff & perspectives in Bielefeld for personnel issues and career planning: the Office at that time still in the room Street opened on April 1, 1988. Now employs approximately 170 employees and employees in particular from industry and trade but increasingly also from commercial professions ZAG in the Niedernstrasse 18. Since the opening, continuously grew up the Office and referred an enlargement of the Advisory area to more than double 2007 new office rooms in the same home. Today we’re on 380 square meters for our applicants, employees and clients”, regional manager Mutlu Yildiz, who has worked as architect for the reconstruction and the establishment of the new rooms and a personal touch given to these reports. Yadav accompanied the Office for over 10 years.

Her career by the Student Assistant on the staff Planner is up to the National Executive exemplary of the exceptional career prospects within the ZAG group. In addition to knowledge of the market and experience the whole Bielefeld team brings a close relation to the region. Continue to learn more with: Hikmet Ersek. “Head of Division Kristina Unrau stressed: we are proud the good development of the site Bielefeld, which is grown close contact with candidates and clients thanks to our offspring.” ZAG training places offered each year with prospect of takeover. In accordance with the foreign currency from the region for the region”, the recruitment agency is responsible for the local labour market and creating jobs in Bielefeld and surroundings. In the future this means for ZAG, specifically to expand the commercial personnel services and thus to attract qualified personnel. New challenges keep the career. Qualified employees have to ZAG best job opportunities and expand your professional network at the same time: you can benefit from an individual selection of precisely positions and demanding projects.

With permanent The company provides a long-term perspective inserts and a permanent employment relationship with attractive remuneration models and a company pension plan. “Electronics Bernhard Elsner has just its 10th anniversary at ZAG celebrated”, Unrau, head of the Department is pleased. About ZAG staff & perspectives: the Group ZAG staff & perspectives founded in 1984 in Hannover, Germany, is one of the leading personnel service providers in Germany with over 10,000 employees. Provides temporary staffing and recruitment ZAG even qualified applicants and applicants excellent routes of entry and career opportunities in the changing labour market. The staff experts answer questions gladly by phone or in person. The online portal at application allows a quick and easy application.

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