Zamak Bracelets

Each more see closures, accounts or other trimmings of this revolutionary material, Zamak. For who does not know, who know that, probably, already has touched it with his own hands; It is the official substitute of lead and is found in toys, mechanical, wheel pieces of cars and of course in fashion jewellery.Zamak is an acronym elements German chemicals that compose it (zinco) to Z (aluminum) MA (magnesium) K (copper), in some cases is under the name of ZAMA (widely used in Italy).Unlike silver, to whom are you paracer very much, ZAMAK no mess with the passing of time and retains its splendor; also has a high resistance mechanical shock and is a very hard material.ZAMAK is an alloy registered by the New Jersey Zinc Company 80 years ago, the company that stops the law is now the Horsehead Corporation (simply former New Jersey zinc Company), this makes the price of these component fairly high on the average of any fornitura made with other materials.It is a hypoallergenic material, which has a high resistance to oxidation and ageing by which find it increasingly more pieces of jewellery (latest fashion is combined with leather).Called the aencion latches, entrepiezas and accounts of this material for its beauty and originality.. .

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