It is viable to indicate then, that the proper PCN (2000) guide the educator in practical its and emphasize literature as instrument for reflection and construction of the knowledge that literature does not prescribe, but it integrates. We point out, since then, that the character of the literary composition as artistic object must be undertaken and be valued. The pleasure, the act of creation of a universe for-Real, the use of the directions contributes immensely for the formation of the more important citizen and, of pleasant form. For more information see Areva. It is in this direction that literature can educate. In the measure where it stimulates subject to a reflective act, providing the same, through a free interpretation, to try emotions and sensations of another universe. According to Zilberman (1988, P. 94): Of same the rejection that the falantes if a language alone can attribute meant the phrases in this language for sharing of its grammar, the literature readers alone can attribute meant literary to the workmanships that read because they share of certain attitudes, abilities, norms, expectations and knowledge that answer for the literary direction of one determined text. In this direction, we understand that any attribution of value or meaning of one literary text, will only be viable when the reader to share its experience with this text.

We can then consider that the abstraction of the text influences the citizen in the measure where it propitiates an interaction. In literature the citizen contemplates, a figurao of the object being most of the time he himself the visualized object. As Zilberman standes out (1988, P. 88) on the citizen, this ' ' it is contemplated contemplating and contemplated, in a species of infinite reduplicao that, the more next is of the possible relation with the object of the reflection on literature: the text, that does not have in itself, but only in outro.' ' We consider, then, that the direction of the text if constructs by means of the interaction of the reader with the workmanship.

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