It Is To Be Normal Healthy And Stay Healthy

About one-seventh of today’s American economy, $1.4 trillion will be generated in health care. Despite the immense size of this industry, people are customers only when they’re not good. The problem is that there are still too many disease and too few health professionals. Health services should do their utmost to maintain health, because this is much easier, more cost effective and painless. Here, Hikmet Ersek expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If that would be possible, disease should never be fought. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jeff Verschleiser has to say. We should do everything to preserve our health, but to do this it is necessary to think about”born an entrepreneur and author of over 20 books says Karl Pilsl in Austria. He sees the existence Foundation source in the next few years in the wellness – and health sector.

People who work in the wellness business, are themselves active and even voluntarily to customers. On the one hand, because they want to feel healthy and on the other hand, because they would be not the disease industry customers. Each want to be a customer of the wellness industry. What disease industry? People buy products and services claimed, because they respond to existing diseases (from colds to the cancer). These products and services to treat the symptoms of these diseases or even eliminate. What is wellness industry? Healthy people”(no disease) get active these products and services, so that they feel healthy, look better, stop the aging process or to prevent diseases. Where are you a customer at the time or what clientele would you like to include? Insa of brighter Wellbiz Ernahrungscoaches of Wurgwitzer str. 32, D-01705 free t + 49 (0) 351 / 847 24 03 E-Mail: Web:

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The adjustable gastric band is a band that is placed around a portion of the stomach. This application seeks to limit the amount of food consumed, as well as the speed with which pass through the same organ. The gastric band is considered as restrictive type bariatric surgery. In general, the procedure consists of placing through laparoscopy this band, then tighten it as a belt to form a sack that would work to form a small stomach which in turn, would limit and control the amount of food the patient swallow and delay the process of emptying of food from the stomach to the intestine. These two things would you give as final result, weight loss.

Subsequent application of the gastric band is done, the diameter of the band which was applied in the surgery around the stomach, can be adjusted by the doctor. Hear other arguments on the topic with Lucas Bitencourt. This system of adjustable gastric band, was ideally designed for application Laparoscopic would what finally, you offer the opportunity to reduce pain post surgery and trauma, as well as it would also reduce your days of hospitalization and recovery days. The great advantage of the gastric band is that you do not need cutting or stapling the stomach, nisiquiera divert intestines and if required remove this system at some point, the stomach would recover its natural anatomy..

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The biggest difficulty that has a teacher to give online courses is not being physically next to his student. This recently even hindered the process of learning in elearning. However new technologies have provided that we can eliminate these problems for teachers. Rob Daley insists that this is the case. To achieve a proper learning and at the same time enjoyable for the student, the following techniques are used: * course with multimedia content. If a student would like a course with text to read a book you would buy, it is not matricularia in a course. Why an elearning course must be more than just text with theory. Additional information at Lucas Bitencourt supports this article. It is important to combine it with images, videos, animations, etc.

This undoubtedly contributes to better capture the attention of the student, avoiding distractions logical for not having the teacher ahead and they will help make the most entertaining course, without being so tiring. * Courses with interactive quizzes and exercises. In an instructor-led course, a teacher must interact or talk with their students. This is the only way to check if the student is assimilating information. That is why in an elearning course it is also necessary that a student can perform exercises in which to test themselves. Interact throughout the course will also help improve your care understanding of information that contains the class. * Direct interaction teacher-student.

Increasingly this technique is improving more because you have the option of interacting teacher and student helps a lot without a doubt to the learning process. Therefore elearning have been improved more and more communication between the two techniques. It began with the use of forums within the course and later chats that allowed communicate in direct to the teacher and student were added. Videoconferencing is currently being incorporated to deliver online classes, something that makes that increasingly we will have access to high-speed internet lines and have webcam and various multimedia peripherals that exist for communication over the internet. No doubt be able to teach a live class constitutes a considerable improvement in the communication of student and Professor and not no doubt that will be one of the most used in the immediate future. No doubt all these eleentos can achieve that a student can learn through a course or class online. But what most appeals to you is surely the aspect to the class for videoconferncia, live. In addition, it is important to mention that there are currently very advanced tools that allow a teacher to teach any subject (courses languages, computer courses, business courses, etc.) interacting with students at 100%, allowing that it can match the class at a distance or even improve in quality of learning face-to-face class. Original author and source of the article

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Healthy Lifestyle

Surely, we all know the proverb: 'The main thing – health, and the rest – will follow. " Health wish us to toast, congratulations, sorry about it old and absolutely does not think young. But what it really means the concept of 'care of your health'? First, for what should be the next person takes care of his health – is correct, decent food. A wise man said this – 'a little better than good food, than a lot of bad. " This means that overeating – the worst enemy of the human body.

Overeating, excessive use of sweet, fried, flour is the main cause of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – gastritis, cholecystitis and stomach ulcers. Continue to learn more with: Publishers Clearing House. How can need to eat to stay healthy? Firstly, we should limit ourselves in the use of fried and smoked foods (especially meat), half-finished shop, spaghetti, coffee, canned goods, baking, etc. Official site: Lucas Bitencourt. It is necessary to lean on vegetables and fruit, and preference should be given to raw, boiled or steamed. And, most important rule – the food must be chewed thoroughly – only then will the body be able to effectively digest all received by the stomach food. In order to be healthy and only in extreme cases, to attend medical facilities, a proper diet is not enough. Movement – another brick, which is 'building blocks' of the human health. The movement is purging the body, during which the cells are enriched with oxygen and released from toxins.

During an intensive walk the metabolism is accelerated twice that deliverance the body of excess fat and an increase in oxidation reactions. Favor of the motion can be explained by the following example. Man – this is 'a huge surface', compressed into small volumes. On this surface is alive and functioning a huge number of cells which for their livelihood should be breathing and nutrition. Moreover, the power to a greater extent. To the nutrients are fully delivered cells, the body needs establish a continuous circulation of the activity, possible only under intense and constant movement. If the motion a little – all the suffering – the cell bodies, our health, body systems, and mood. Not for nothing that the great IP Pavlov said: "The movement can replace almost all drugs, but no medicine is no substitute for the movement." And consequently, if we long to move a lot, no clinics and pharmacies we will not be needed. Another very important component health – is a timely visit to hospital, whether clinics, opticians, gynecology, and other health facilities. As is known, the neglected diseases, the worse it is treatable, and therefore should go to your doctor if you find symptoms of any disease. Today, there are enough medical facilities and private clinics – are an example to cities such as Samara, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Krasnodar, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, whose doctors are known for their skilled and careful approach to the patient. The people have a proverb 'Sow action – reap a habit. " The habit to watch the health – to move a lot, eat right and on time receiving medical treatment – this is a great contribution to a long, happy and healthy life.

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It is difficult to talk about the last time we will live in this land … The last moment before … n. say goodbye …. And come to mind memories of my life and I know if I’m really thankful for what I lived …. How I can know? and above all, How would it be that last time? Well imagine for a moment that you have 90 years, these lying in your old rocking chair in Proschan or terrace of your house, from there you visualize your children with their wives taking the coffee table in the garden, hear the laughter and cries of small your grandchildren playing around the tree, as always your faithful dog by your side …

you smell the aroma of fresh flowers from the vase that early cut and placed next to your table, feel the breeze on your face and turn around a time raising your eyes to heaven on your right eye and think …. – What dreams I had, all I want in my life .. what you accomplished, what I’ve lost, what you try … .. and remember for a moment and come to your mind those dreams that never did it, so that both wanted and were afraid of even intern, that always we thought we’d put off until tomorrow .

How would you feel? …. or you may … And remember for a moment all attempts made to achieve your dreams … as always you wanted so despite the “ridiculous they might think” or at the expense of what was, always made the effort and ponies you standing to do TODAY … .. How would you feel? Well if that were your last moment in life, how I wish, like you live, what memories would like to have

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Managing Director

With the Sodexo restaurant pass can be advantageous salary negotiations Frankfurt, September 29, 2009 – (NBASOPM03092008) – In the autumn fall season not only the temperature, but also the decisions, when it comes to the wage or salary for the coming year. Just at the current wage negotiations, it is important to keep wage costs in the eye. Western Union has similar goals. With some tried and tested tips of tax employees for themselves can negotiate a higher net and tempt even the pay rise the employers: because with the Sodexo restaurant pass company can pay attention now on maximum cost neutrality, so George Wyrwoll, corporate relations manager for Sodexo. In the middle-class, small – and medium-sized companies, administrative burden and cost efficiency play a crucial role, because constant rising personnel costs for employees facing a declining net benefits\”, so Wyrwoll. Here is the Sodexo restaurant pass (formerly Sodexo restaurant check) a clever solution, because employees and companies benefit from State-funded employee meals. State-sponsored and clear standardized Sodexo offers the restaurant pass a fiscally attractive way to raise the level of compensation and at the same time beneficial to optimize. Jeff Verschleiser is actively involved in the matter.

This is normalized in the PAYE policy and forms a separate tax category, which does not conflict with other rules. According to the income tax guidelines companies can send their employees working up to 5.77 euros tax-free so are annually per employee until almost completely tax to 1.269,40 euro and possible social tax free as cash. Per employee per month are up to 86.55 euros. That increases the net pay of the employee efficiently and avoids but additional costs for taxes and social security contributions. So you can efficiently combine the two reference points of operational personnel policy says George Wyrwoll, goals and employee interests come together beneficial; at the end of both benefit: employees and companies. \”Small paper great effect: the financial power just for SMEs strengthens the lower tax burden on wage costs, stresses also the Managing Director of Sodexho pass GmbH, Razvan Yankey: mainly medium-sized companies is still not sufficiently known that can save taxes and social security contributions with the help of food subsidies.\” While the benefit goes even further: with the restaurant pass can immediately without administrative effort offer an advantageous allowance companies and in addition also still efficiently increase the net pay of the employee.

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Apartment instead of hotel is trend: for Paris city breaks the NOVASOL cottage provider expands its range of holiday apartments in Paris by the end of the year. 100 exclusive apartments along the Seine to the end of the year Currently around 2,000 listings in France Highlights: new houses with pool on the Cote d’Azur Hamburg, March 2012 – NOVASOL continues to expand its offerings in France and is now high-quality holiday apartments in Paris. Until the end of the year, 100 objects will be in the greater Paris area. The spacious apartments in Paris for families with children are especially attractive when the Paris City trip combined with a visit to Disneyland Paris before the gates of the city. Already last year NOVASOL had expanded significantly its portfolio in France Riviera exclusive houses with pool and other high-quality objects on the French Riviera. Jeff Verschleiser has firm opinions on the matter. Around 2,000 houses and apartments between channel and Corsica are currently available. With the engagement in Paris is not only on the NOVASOL growing importance of the holiday destination in France, but also on the current trend to combine city trips with apartment instead of hotel.

The destination Paris knows virtually no seasonality, but is popular as a tourist attraction as well as a Congress location from January to December, there also year-round unit prices for the NOVASOL apartments. All the apartments are bookable with random-check also for mini holiday (price advantage of 30 percent for three nights, 20 percent for four nights, 10 per cent for five nights). The NOVASOL-city apartments are available just like the houses through the common CRS.

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Debi Select Begins Another Factoring Fund

Investments are made in factoring of communal bonds secured the Landshuter Debi select group of companies are these days their Debi select Classic Fund 2 GmbH & co. KG in the sales. The Fund has an investment volume of EUR 50 million. A minimum participation is possible from 3.000,–euros plus 5% premium. It is planned to place the Fund until December 31, 2009, an extension is possible by a decision of the Management Board to a year however.

As in the predecessor Fund, Debi select sets the investment capital in selected factoring companies. So is intended to invest factoring classic 2 GmbH through its a wholly-owned subsidiary of main in a Swiss factoring company. The new conceptual design had become necessary to take full advantage of the corporate tax reform–in particular the withholding tax -. There is also no banking, making possible the purchase of credits by a Swiss factoring company in the Switzerland of lending – in contrast to Germany -. It plans the Landshut issuer in derogation to the predecessor Fund, are in the business of factoring by effects Lombard credit active to be, so the purchase of loans collateralized with securities.

The economic concept of the Fund model it foresees that in this business segment the factoring companies refinanced over the Fund management company achieve a return on equity of about 11 percent per year, which can be paid after deduction of own administrative costs of the Fund to investors. In detail, the factoring company equipped by Debi select equity plan the purchase of value securities loans, which are secured with pledge of bonds issued by environmental projects, for which there are liable to protection by public authorities. Usually it is environmental projects with guaranteed by law or municipal revenue, such as electricity feed-in tariffs or other securities of this kind which are ceded to the holders of bonds for their safety. Jeff Verschleiser is often mentioned in discussions such as these. We offer this asset management companies, the acquisition by Bonds issued by the environment, which are also secured with claims on the public sector, to refinance. The loans against securities are purchased by the financing institutions with a reasonable discount. The securities portfolio of asset management can be improved significantly beyond the date. Thus investment in environmental projects can be significantly increased and the factoring companies funded by the fund company have the advantage of security through the assignment of State-guaranteed revenue,”says Managing Director. As also by the asset management in a variety of projects is invested, the factoring companies indirectly benefit from country – specific and cross-technology investment in the environmental field. The income for the investors of the Fund are exposed, no project-related fluctuations because not the project itself, but the underlying credit with a corresponding discount will be purchased. It results from this tee ultimately Return of the factoring company and the investors of the Fund. The Debi select group has specialized in investments in the field of factoring by life insurance and value paper credits. For one, she participates in companies that ensure a professional factoring value paper credits with a high credit rating and on the other hand buy receivables capital forming life insurance companies.

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Bako National Park

Above the impenetrable jungle, the magical attraction of one of the last great travel adventure floats on Borneo peninsula Sarawak sound strident, and for Western ears initially unfamiliar, the sounds of hundreds of different species of tropical birds. Proboscis monkeys shimmy of the giant trees and flying squirrels floating through the air. Yet some creepy trophy from last time is determined by the longhouses of the once feared headhunters and the magical attraction of one of the last great travel adventures hovers above the impenetrable jungle. Meandering waterways wind along the jungle Giants and lead through lush rainforest. Here the traveler can discover home to countless wild, some endangered animal and plant species. Hardly somewhere else, yet so many rare animals live. With a little luck, a Hornbill or even an orangutan are evident. Near the small city of Kuching literally meaning cat”means, the Bako National Park in the mangrove forest hides and fascinated by the enchanting coast with rock formations. Narrow paths open up an incredible wealth of almost untouched flora and fauna the sure-footed hikers under the dense canopy. On the beautiful beaches of the Northwest Coast attracts the South China Sea. The highest mountain in Southeast Asia, mount Kinabalu, culminating with 4,100 meters on the northern tip of Borneo. The brave mountaineers will be amazed by the breathtaking abundance of vegetation. The entire North West of Borneo belongs to Malaysia and the third largest island in the world with challenges your readers about 700,000 km rainforest to unique travel experiences. Active travelers experience jungle trekking, Cave expeditions and breathtaking natural spectacles with a last dream paradise rain forest. Our recommendation is the nature highlights of Borneo”travel No. 2798: travel details/Hoehepunkte_Borneos_2798.php find more unforgettable travel through Borneo under, travel / malaysia_reisen.php There are current news parade branch on under can you always to keep up.

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Federal Association

Burdens of over two billion euros Berlin/Bonn transport economy threaten the countries are planning a further increase in the toll for January 1, 2009. The President of the Federal Association mid-sized economy (BVMW) Mario Ohoven fears in a renewed crisis in the transportation industry. Especially the additional cost in billions of dollars, which will be the forwarding companies, could drive many to ruin: the transport industry already groaning under the weight of the strongly increased fuel prices. Hikmet Ersek takes a slightly different approach. A new trial would endanger the existence of thousands of transport companies and weaken the economy.” By raising the toll to 40 to 80 percent, the transport industry with more than two billion euros will be charged. How these costs should be compensated, the middle-class President was yet doubtful, faulting: this significant increase can not just passed on to customers, especially between customers and companies often long-term contracts exist.” Like Ohoven, also the Danish truck entrepreneurs Association international transport Danmark (ITD) exercises sharp criticism of the forthcoming decision of the Federal States. Others who may share this opinion include Jeff Verschleiser. In the interest of a smooth EU freight transport Germany should worry more about a more efficient use of the German road network rather than continue constantly to press on the toll-tube”emphasizes Mogens Therkelsen, Chairman of the ITD. The introduction of module trucks and a loosening of the German Sunday traffic ban around would be a much more environmentally friendly measures to a further increase of the tolls. Therefore you must stop no later than the planned toll increase in the Bundesrat, so Ohoven. Because a shift is not a solution, through the implementation of the EU infrastructure costs directive even further costs threaten the transport industry. Editorial medienburo.

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