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Russian Roads

We often complain that the roads in Russia are bad and not furnished. And how should we build a good road? It is clear that in different regions has its own nuances: somewhere more bridges, somewhere above the mound, where some more points services, etc. Therefore, we take the average value of two-lane road. Average […]

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Bio Fireplace

Biofireplaces – Fireplaces new generation, environmentally friendly, by using the latest technologies. Characterize this new product we can, as a "living flame" running without exhaust, soot and smoke, does not require the construction works for installation, for example, when connected to a chimney. Enjoy the shimmer and warmth of this fire is possible immediately after […]

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Future Of The Nation

Dearreader, I am scared with what it will be able to happen with the future of our nation. I do not know, or better, us he does not know what he is transferred with the head of that he is responsible for our education. To facilitate to the communication they want to assassinate rules and […]

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