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Simon Rodriguez

The education system requires the academic legitimacy of an authority recognized by all. And that authority does not have if his prestige as an institution is deficient or does not extend to all layers of society. Rob Daleys opinions are not widely known. Conceptually, it should be, as recommended by Simon Rodriguez: a will that […]

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Tony Buzan

It develops memory, quick, creative thinking, it saves time, paper and energy; It increases productivity, profitability, it involves the brain. It stimulates the reading, study and research. Mind maps help increase your capacity to study and learn better and faster. They are ideal for creative thought processes. It is one of the most important tools […]

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Egyptian Sculpture

Any manual on the history of Ancient Egypt is a prominent player Nefertiti, one of the most prominent of the ancient universal. Investigations on the Queen of XVIII dynasty canvas have met with a key finding in this day: its true face. We know a model’s face with his famous Nefertiti bust (which we portraits […]

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Latin American Countries

In what the Latin American countries were wrong to be so? Buenos Aires, 25 of February of 2009 A measure that passes the crisis, the same questions are a different answer every time that they are made: how will Latin America face this 2009? How much will grow up their economies? Some of them will […]

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It clarifies your expectations. Nobody is fortune teller nor able to read the other people’s thought, that says to be able to make it the word regularly magical or wizard precedes to his name (without eagerness to offend to whom they exert these offices, clearly). Then if the rest of us does not read the […]

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When I do any banking diligence by comfort always I do it in a bank that I have near my house, I can go and come to foot and stop exercising. the times that I’ve gone to the Bank always I am an old lady stopped at all the entry of the Bank and asks […]

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Bretton Wood

Stock markets are thus same. This for the fall until we can here consider one of the worse ones, but with a characteristic, the speed of the descending. Detail: In none of these cited others had the appreciation of the assets as now. Greater the twig, greater the tumble. 2-) Bretton Wood was convoked in […]

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Immigration Law

To initiate a new project of life in a country different from the one from birth is one of the most important decisions and vital than they are possible to be taken. But, to initiate a new life in a country like the United States is, additionally, an objective for which a guide requires itself, […]

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