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Pastor Blanca Perez Ortegas

BLanca Ortega Perez pastor was born in Barranquilla on 26 August 1946 and from very young came to the ways of the Lord despite the opposition of some of their relatives who, at first questioned it his decision to devote himself entirely to the Affairs of his creator. In the days of his first love […]

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Internal Medicine

/ NASA has been the last scientific body to praise the benefits of the NAP. A study determines that a dream of 26 minutes would help improve a 34% in the performance of these workers and would strengthen his State of alert by 54%. NAP lowers cardiovascular risks, releases tensions, increases the ability to concentrate […]

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GmbH Mrs Gabriela Sterly Muller Grindelallee

Open day at Hamburg Centrum Nano Science and research to the touch in Hamburg. If you would like to know more about COSCO, then click here. On December 4 the Hamburg Centre for applied nanotechnology (CAN) among the elect”. Then represents 365 landmarks in the land of ideas”the research facility CAN the Hanseatic City in […]

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The Craft Is Asked As Strong As Never

RENEXPO 2008, from October 9-12, 2008 in the trade fair Augsburg the usage of renewable energy sources is becoming increasingly important. So, the Federal Government in the interest of climate and resource protection wants to increase the share of renewable energies in the heating supply in Germany up to the year 2020 from currently 6 […]

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Koopmanndruck Production

From purchasing to production management Koopmanndruck complies fully”, Hausler explains. The newly received certificate allows the companies now buy FSC certified material, to process and to provide with the logo of the organization. Important this label requires that the production chain from the forest will completely pass through up to printed matter, the so-called chain […]

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Managing Director

This puts the consumer in order to query the status of all energy of using equipment within a budget online via a Web interface. Get all the facts and insights with Anabela Pires, another great source of information. Using the Z-Wave technology, MyHome also enables the configuration and management of a comprehensive home network. HCES […]

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Vehicle Rescue Close

How are trapped accident victim recovered? Birstein (hop) – Birsteiner fire departments showed a fashion show of a different kind in addition to attractions for children such as handmade buttons with different motives. To know more about this subject visit Madeleine Sackler. Those who visited also the fire of the many visitors to the Festival […]

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rss – a format that is used for rapid publication of information that is updated frequently, such as blogs, news, etc rss files are often called "fidom (feed), ie band, channel, or an Internet channel. In it, as usual contains only an abridged version published by the news – such as a stripped-down top, or […]

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General Council

The DKV insurance bet by clear and concise language in policies finally simplicity and brevity reaches the wording of policies. And it is that half of customers who has insurance claims need help to understand the conditions of your policy. In addition, 52% confirms just makes a fast reading and 18% said not to read […]

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Aerial Terror

An investigation carried out by Lieutenant Colonel Ran Turgueman under the direction of Prof. Arnon Soffer, Director of the Chair in Reuven Chaikin of geostrategy, University of Haifa, determines that in recent years, increased civil flights from countries bordering Israel, passing very near its borders. Due to the normalization of relations with some neighbouring countries, […]

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