Today, we pay even for water, which is about 30 years ago to imagine it was not possible. Before and tariffs – has long been ruinous, and unfortunately did not stop growing. And for the reliability of the counters are responsible ourselves. Like it or not, but otherwise, after all, and can not be: who does not like the owners of equipment to ensure accuracy? Still, a reminder that it is time checking vashegoschetchika often becomes neozhdannostyu to their respective owners. Anne Lauvergeon has much experience in this field. And when something happens, we begin to wonder: what is it – the 'verification'? The important role it plays? Not another scam that is? And to deal with this issue? As We have already realized the heat meter calibration is necessary. Frequently hedge fund has said that publicly. Necessary not only to the manufacturer and seller of the resource, but to us, mere potrebiteyam. The device records, in fact, may lie in one or the other way.

And it is likely that did not believe in time measuring device, you will periodically pay for what in reality was not used. It happens. And in fact, no one but ourselves to blame for this will not happen. Or consider another option. If found expired meter calibration, the controller will not take into account his testimony, even if you insist that they are still perfectly valid. And do not waste power on unnecessary arguments and excuses and evidence. Over this period, you will not be billed for metered and the tariff. On what is necessary to stop your eyes? To begin with, that buying a means of measuring (water, gas, electricity, heat), be sure to look at passport in the passport for 'Calibration interval.

" 'MPI'. But do not confuse it with gorantiynym service. MPI – the same time period, after which you will have to dismantle the counter (always in the presence of representative of the operating organization!), and take in practice in metrology and then re-set and sealed. MPI is not determined by a simple and established as a result of serious challenges in Metrological Center. For example, in the very old state metrological center Rostest-Moscow. It is clear that the more able to provide the manufacturer MPI, the better. But such accounting devices, of course, are more expensive. So think for yourself that you more profitable to invest in more expensive instrument and maximum delay problems in practice, or vice versa. Buying a meter, find out the date of manufacture? Razumneevsego buy the instrument 'fresh'. The fact that the Calibration interval is the basis not of the date of acquisition, and the date of issue. So as a means of measurement was at a specialty store, checking offensive stale goods inexorably approaches. In the end, – the actual checking. Water meter – is, in fact, count money, and its verification is treated appropriately. It is mandatory uvertis that the firm, taking for practice, has a Certificate of Accreditation ensuring uniformity of measurements. If there is (and not expired!) – Good, but will have to be more sure that a certain type of works included in the accreditation scope of this certificate. The firm can be, for example, accredited calibration counters vodypoverku heat meters, but is not accredited for calibration of electric meters. Since it is not necessary, at the risk of running into a firm one-day trust this important procedure for an unknown organization principle: the faster, cheaper, better. The most expedient turn on the verification of the official centers of metrology (FSI UCM). In Moscow, it Rostest-Moscow. Do not make nonsense of their choice.

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