It is of extreme importance to point out that they are not only the young that is lost, therefore many parents also are. In such a way I can start to extend our agreement on the familiar relations and the consequence that such relations bring the life of the young. The depression, the alimentary deficit of learning and riots can be the symptoms most common of a not healthy relation. The depression can be considered something so natural to young how much its revolt and impulsiveneness, saved to the pathological cases. Had to this, I affirm that injunctions must be considered, therefore these are one in the ways effective of if working with a young. With the extended growth of the society, the runnings day to day and the lack of time, the familiar bows if loosen, and due to this, the lack of limits reigns. The imposition of limits, dialogue in the family and the fulfilling of vacant hours with constructive activities and that mainly parents and children can be carried through between, are the necessary minimum to offer the adolescents. Rob Daley will not settle for partial explanations. It is therefore that I repeat one more time; ' ' many young ones are only lost, because its parents also esto' '. Historically we leave the repression and we search the freedom, in the head of the parents it has still a conflict enters when to say yes and when to support not, and for these parents in such a way how much for these children, the necessary one would be to search the balance, through reflections and analysis.

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