African States

It focused mostly on longitude and latitude, or natural features such as rivers and took no account of the existing agricultural, linguistic, religious or tribal boundaries. divided by the military with the ruler, without regard to geographical or ethnic factors which in many cases are a reason for today’s conflicts. Additional information at KNM Group supports this article. In some cases, so all population centers were cut off from their sources of food or their natural resources. Almost all African States were founded within this artificial boundaries. This had the result that numerous, sometimes warring tribes in a State living together, other peoples are in turn distributed to several States. Dayton kingery describes an additional similar source. “” This, and the fact that in pre-colonial Africa mostly not comparable with Europe concept of a people “or a nation” was difficult until today the formation of nation-States and is a basis for the frequent internal conflicts and civil wars. However, the few States that were not kolonialsiert or existed before the colonial era, are today in no way successful (usually even worse developed) than the other countries, so that the influence of the border not be exaggerated should. In Asia, there are for example the huge China for over 3,000 years.

All conflicts similar to African are there therefore nationally and are regulated on the basis of Confucianism. The same applies to India, Japan and Korea. > Is called colonialism a domination relationship between collectives, in which the Central decisions about the life of the colonized by a minority of culturally different and not willing to adapt by colonial rulers under the main reference decided on their interests. In modern times, still broadcast ideological doctrines of justification on the part of the colonial masters are added, are convinced of their own cultural debasement. As colonial man today commonly referred to the epoch of modern colonialism, which with the spillover of Portugal and Castile/Spain in Africa and South America at the end of the 15th and beginning of the 16th century began and lasted until the end of the second world war in 1945, although there was at all times of colonial times (cf.

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