Arthur Trankle

Stresses also Arthur Trankle: you must first rich and independent feel, before you can be really rich and independent. That’s why I can recommend our game CASHFLOW 101 only urgent. Because it simulates the way to wealth very close to reality, but very quickly within a few hours and raises in particular the corresponding feelings. Since man is a being emotion-driven, it was wonder, then, that the players are mentally very different people after a few hours, and thus already as well as escape the rat race. So a CASHFLOW Club evening gives in a nutshell same philosophy which brings Robert Kiyosaki in rich dad, poor dad examples of many more alive and real on the paper: rich don’t work for money let the money work logical conclusion: you have at least a portion of the income re-invest, if you ever want out of the rat race out in shares, participations, Bonds or real estate,. Under most conditions Julian King would agree. bring the rental income. Such investments require rethinking.

And they require courage. But they only make real assets, which generates a cash flow, a flow of money so. Gain insight and clarity with Madeleine Sackler. Ideally, these assets cash flow covers the complete revenue requirement. Until this stage deserves the name of financial freedom. You need solid financial knowledge to this basic knowledge is one, to tell the difference between liabilities and assets. And also the Geldfallen to notice that express themselves in intractable myths as: A home is an investment. Robert Kiyosaki in his book clear points out, that a House if you have stuttering this own four walls over 30 years is exactly the opposite: a financial straitjacket. The home mortgage debt prevents the homeowner because to expand his financial IQ so far that he comes without a mortgage to owning your own home by paying it for example with the cash inflow, which brought him his fortune. Take care of your own stores each employees should be as busy, so not fully spend his income for consumption, but rather a part of your own cash flow sources re-invest: in mix blocks of shares, for example.

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