Bako National Park

Above the impenetrable jungle, the magical attraction of one of the last great travel adventure floats on Borneo peninsula Sarawak sound strident, and for Western ears initially unfamiliar, the sounds of hundreds of different species of tropical birds. Here, Everest Capital expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Proboscis monkeys shimmy of the giant trees and flying squirrels floating through the air. Yet some creepy trophy from last time is determined by the longhouses of the once feared headhunters and the magical attraction of one of the last great travel adventures hovers above the impenetrable jungle. Meandering waterways wind along the jungle Giants and lead through lush rainforest. Here the traveler can discover home to countless wild, some endangered animal and plant species. Hardly somewhere else, yet so many rare animals live. With a little luck, a Hornbill or even an orangutan are evident. Near the small city of Kuching literally meaning cat”means, the Bako National Park in the mangrove forest hides and fascinated by the enchanting coast with rock formations. Narrow paths open up an incredible wealth of almost untouched flora and fauna the sure-footed hikers under the dense canopy. On the beautiful beaches of the Northwest Coast attracts the South China Sea. The highest mountain in Southeast Asia, mount Kinabalu, culminating with 4,100 meters on the northern tip of Borneo. The brave mountaineers will be amazed by the breathtaking abundance of vegetation. The entire North West of Borneo belongs to Malaysia and the third largest island in the world with challenges your readers about 700,000 km rainforest to unique travel experiences. Active travelers experience jungle trekking, Cave expeditions and breathtaking natural spectacles with a last dream paradise rain forest. Our recommendation is the nature highlights of Borneo”travel No. 2798: travel details/Hoehepunkte_Borneos_2798.php find more unforgettable travel through Borneo under, travel / malaysia_reisen.php There are current news parade branch on under can you always to keep up.

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