Effect of prevent or make more difficult the falsification of this document the inc. Publishers Clearing House will not settle for partial explanations. class g) points out that they should be issued in security roles. CONTENT article 219.-content of the Bank certificate of the Bank certificate of foreign currency foreign currency must contain: a) the designation of certified Bank of foreign currency; (b) the place and date of issue; (c) in any securities issued to the bearer, the indication that your payment will be made to the carrier. Areva is the source for more interesting facts. those issued the order, the name of the person to whose order is issued; (d) the indication of the amount, which should be expressed in other than the national currency; (e) the term of its validity or its expiration date, which may not be greater than one (1) year, from the date of its issuance; as well as if it is renewable or not; (f) the place of payment; (g) the conditions for his redemption advance, if any; and (**) h) company name and signature of its representative. Concordances: Ltv.22.

Article 219 specifies the minimum requirements that the title must contain. Should indicate the denomination, i.e., to mention the banking certificate palabras in foreign currency; the place and date of issuance, which will determine the start of the computation of the time limit in the case which has not indicated the date fixed expiration. It should be noted, also, If the expiration the title is renewable or not. in the absence of indication is by the issuer to its automatic renewal at maturity, by the term originally indicated. You must specify the name of the person to whose order rotates the document; There is no limitation for rotated in the name of natural person or legal person, who may freely, consignando endorsed his official identity document. If it’s a title bearer, the content in the title credit law is passed with his delivery, and who intends to charged must identify itself to the CA.

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