Tremendous, no? In addition to the floor can take away your different floor, or parking spaces, or ask you to guarantees to the floor of your parents … Click Hikmet Ersek to learn more. If your floor drops by 20% over the appraised value at first the bank can force you to underwrite the loan with other property. Thus before a default the bank would keep a floor that is worth less. In fact keep a lot more, almost double. It is a completely removes one’s protection as consumers and can provide resources to banks in times where these are missing because of the shenanigans that they discuss. This is a law with almost 30 years that banks have hardly used but seeing the bad times ahead will be to go with care. Because if banks start to use it we should find that people would say I’m going to sacrifice? come man. To see my apartment cost 50 million pesetas, I spent two more notaries and tax.

Now my apartment is worth 40 million. Then I will. I’m living two years on the floor while I throw it and while I wait for prices to fall more and I bought a flat bigger and 35 million within those 2 / 3 years. Ale. I would say that this part of the mortgage law seems to me quite unjust that the bank can take away much more than you gave. But now is not for the World newspaper is published as if it were a new law trying to confuse people in your life mantra that evil is the PSOE. In short, regrettable as it is journalism.

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