Blumarine Color

Comments stylist. Traditionally, blue – the color of official services. So if you use blue in business clothes, be scrupulous – use only a very good, expensive fabric only noble, but not "job" shades. AND necessarily dilute its bright colors: silver, gray or white. This color, like green, could exacerbate the effect of fatigue on your face and make you even more pale. Now almost all major collections designers appeared bright blue – an electrician who is great for parties. Comments psychologist. If you have lowered self-esteem, you just show a deep and rich blue.

Because he unconsciously We perceive color as self-confident and self-sufficient people. But be careful: if you are in blue, strangers will be more difficult to approach you, as this increases the color distance. And one more important and very piquant detail: sexopathologists found that the blue color and its shades all have an element of sexual attraction of mystery. That's it! PINK. Naive, romantic, seductive …

Pink can be anything. He symbolizes the fun and playfulness, romance and sophistication. This color – an integral part of the summer collections Dolce & Gabbana and Blumarine. Pink reigns! In a fashion all shades: tea rose petals and fuchsia, clear gel and shiny vinyl. Comments stylist. Pink – beautiful feminine, a bit naive color. Every woman should have at least something pink. What is worth remembering – pink makes little blurred outlines. Comments psychologist. Perception pink depends on with what you added color to combine. Pink and black – is a fatal variant, sexy, with a hint of sensuality.

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