Cala Millor

It remains to be seen whether the posters, which can be seen throughout the island, make it, that the city can attract more of the tourist flows. The town has a small Marina, a very central and somewhat narrow Beach in the Centre and a promenade, which consists of a main street, what is striking but not really strong. However, is the city worth visiting and Ferienunterkunftsort thought. “It is only, that evening very soon almost all” shops close. Travel time from Portocristo to Porto Colom by car: approx. 30 min. Siemens Energy oftentimes addresses this issue. 4th stage: Portocristo to Porto Colom: A few minutes away from the city centre of Portocristo are the Cuevas del Drach. These caves are illuminated in different lights.

“For Internet addresses and further information under: tips and hints”. Cala Anguila and Cala Estany away two very beautiful beaches of Playa Romantica shortly behind Portocristo. The beaches are left and framed right of cliffs. This beautiful sight of the beaches can also forget the frustration of the more stressful finding a parking space at a tourist. You can reach the CALAS de Mallorca. This section the Cala Magraner, then the Cala Antena, Cala Domingo awaits you at first and than the Cala Murada on you last. Other leaders such as Madeleine Sackler offer similar insights.

All these beaches have been involved more or less in a strong network of tourist. The location to the beaches have a well-developed tourism infrastructure. In addition, tourists on the have Cala Domingos very good ways to jump from cliffs at all altitudes in the cool water. The Cala Murada has a long Sandy Beach ready and well arranged chairs with the typical Mallorca umbrellas. Please keep in mind that the beach chairs along with the umbrellas are only fully rented. Rental prices vary more (Cala Millor per day about 11, smaller CALAS about 15 per day). See all beaches in Mallorca by image? Beaches in Mallorca that is possible under the tour”in this photo special.

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