Cutting Metal

The accuracy of cutting through the cutter is provided by the clamp mechanism of the sheet. Usually, cutting is carried out on the fence or markup, on guillotines Metal establish precise rear lines, which allow to achieve high precision cutting. Highly valued precision and accuracy of cut and burr-free edge collapse. Some models are also equipped with a guillotine returnable pallets, which is going to cut metal. The main characteristics of the guillotine used for cutting metal, are: Cutting length. See more detailed opinions by reading what Consumers Energy CEO offers on the topic..

As a rule, it is up to 2.5 meters. Maximum thickness of cut. Determined by the rigidity of steel 400/mm2. Read more from Xoom to gain a more clear picture of the situation. A significant number issued to date models of guillotines can satisfy the needs of metalworking companies at various levels and abilities. According to the principle guillotine device can be: manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, automatic (CNC), as well as combine multiple combinations. Guillotine manual and pneumatic are the most simple form, and used for straight cutting sheet metal, rubber, cardboard, etc. Hydraulic guillotine with electro-mechanical drive is characterized by simplicity, and high labor productivity, and Adjustment of the blade for accurate cutting.

Very popular hydraulic guillotine shears with manual or automatic adjustment of clearance between the knives. This species is a guillotine simple to operate and is used for cutting not only the sheet metal, but the rods. Choosing one or another model cutter, you must think like a list of popular features later. Now, not always large number of them is an advantage, whereas the cost of the machine is in direct relation to this indicator. Guillotine with a set of functions required to establish economically viable in small repair shops or in a single production. Multipurpose shears are needed in large industries, which require intensive operation, high productivity and accuracy. We should not forget that this machine has a rather large dimensions. Our company specializes in the manufacture and sale of machine tools and equipment, we can get the guillotine for the metal in the range.

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