Dalai Lama Times

Peace begins with a smile said Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The absence of conflict that gives unity and harmony to the parties is the notion that comes closest to that genuine smile that Mother Teresa is proposing. How many times we hear that great amount of inner voices that are not in agreement before an event specific. How many times we assure rationally be on the right track and we can not feel it emotionally. World Remit is often quoted on this topic. How many times we have felt well and at the same time we have been attacked with the feeling of guilt. Insecurity, fear, distress, mistrust are feelings that impede the path to inner peace. Credit: Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund-2011. The good news is that all these feelings are transmutables, and have its opposite based on positive terms that opened the gap toward peace of mind. Just identify them honestly without judging and search within one the root of that negative feeling.

Once identified have the understanding and forgiveness. Inner peace is the only way to happiness He assured the Dalai Lama. Search, surround yourself with everything what produce you no inner conflict and that does not leave you in peace to fix it, there are thousands of ways, one of them is to seek silence, mental relaxation and here we suggest music for disconnecting the conflict, stay away and from the distance you will find the answers.

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