Dere Mariam

At the entrance gate arranged with two kelyami. In 1896, the restored ancient underground water supply, which came from the source. The monks did not take a revolution, and in 1921 the monastic clergy accused of conspiracy, the monastery was closed. Property of the monastery was looted. Its territory was established labor colony Artem.

Almost all the buildings and churches destroyed, leaving only the Assumption church, deanery and stone buildings in the valley. Religious books and religious items piled in one room of the colony, where they have become unusable, books, stoked the furnace. The buildings continued to deteriorate, killing the church of Saints Constantine and Helen, the Evangelist Mark, Innocent of Irkutsk, and St. ot as a source, but as a related topic. George. An earthquake in 1927 completed the destruction of churches, their dismantled for building materials. Its revival began in 1993. Now this active monastery, there to hold services and tours for tourists who come to admire this man-made wonder …

Photos and location map. The road to the monastery is on the picturesque beam-Dere Mariam. Of the former village Staroselie immediately after the bridge over Tchuruk-Su, will rise on a rocky road. To the right hang a huge boulders, and the left cliff of the ravine. Steep huge rocks in some places stesany smooth hand of man, and they cut down the cave, and in other places they are riddled with potholes and oddly gully, as if to surf the waves, – traces of weathering over thousands of years … In a half-kilometer climb, suddenly, high above his head, carved into the rock, there is a snow-white temple of the Assumption. Its base is a beautiful grand staircase. The entire wall along the stairs is busy with relief images of the monasteries and churches from all over the world. Each image is a little reliquary that holds the land, brought by pilgrims from the holy places. The monastery bell tower built of limestone floors, in the form of a portico with small Tuscan order columns on a high base. Hipped roof is covered with gilded in a tent. Of the house in an alcove with twisted columns icon of Virgin Mary. At the bottom of the stairs a fountain with an angel on top. Left home Abbot, built in the middle of the XIX century. From a platform in front of the temple offers a magnificent view over the valley with the remains of Greek settlements. In contrast, in the rock are seen unusual construction, reminiscent of Ukrainian house, only their roofs are not of straw and hanging rocks, which was attached to the wall.

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