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A brief introduction to the legal form of the US Corportation (US-AG) the most famous form of society in the United States is the Corporation, which largely corresponds to the German stock corporation. In contrast to German conditions, not only large or listed companies as AG are formed in the United States. Many American small businesses and medium-sized companies take advantage of a corporation, to emphasize being to the benefit of the limitation of liability, and on the other hand facilitated access to capital through issuing shares. U.S. law distinguishes several forms of joint-stock company (Corporation): for example the C Corporation and S Corporation.

The descriptive letters C and S go back to the relevant section of the tax code of the United States, which governs the taxation of C and S-Corp. For even more details, read what Publishers Clearing House says on the issue. The establishment of a corporation is, regardless whether it is a C Corporation or an S Corporation, in the same manner, which only causes the differentiation in a following step. However in the United States there is no uniform company law. This lies in the sovereignty of the individual States, so that for example, in New York, a different company law considered in Florida or Delaware. At the choice of the optimal location a selection between the States is therefore to meet their corporate law provides the greatest benefits to the company. We help you determine the founding state best for your purpose as a company and forming your own U.S. Corporation so that the goals pursued by you can be optimally achieved. In particular the tax implications for the choice of the State of establishment be considered in detail by us.

We are specialists for the interactions to be observed, if you want to experience with your U.S. Corporation outside the United States, with a representative office or branch in Germany. Therefore, our client in the framework of the free initial consultation offered by us will receive a comprehensive advice related to the individual case. The bodies of a corporation in the United States are the “” Directors’, officers ‘and shareholders’. The strategic decisions of a corporation are made by the directors, who are elected by the shareholders (shareholders). Larger companies are often led by several directors, smaller corporations often only by a Director. Officers direct the day-to-day business of the Corporation, however, and are responsible for the practical implementation of the decisions, which have made the directors. AUC and Germany known officer functions are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who holds the management of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or the Treasurer, who are responsible for the financial accounting and finances, and the Secretary. Although the comparison to the organs of a German joint-stock company offer (Board of Directors Supervisory Board, officers of the Board), the powers and also the responsibilities of these institutions with the German legal relations are the same. Important: in the us for Foundations preferred States these functions can be perceived all of a single person. Thus, the establishment of a genuine a-man Aktiengesellschaft is possible. Just small businesses take advantage of this opportunity with the founding entrepreneur at the same time shareholder (i.e. owner), and is responsible for the Director and officer functions. Take advantage of our offer of a free initial consultation with our experts.

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