Disputed Reelection

To every adversity there will always be a slit through which looms a hopeful world. Here, Rob Daley expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Transformations are necessary especially those that generate changes that favor and give way to hit the profits that benefit all. You should avoid anchored always, especially to Governments that is in our interest for analysis, with the participation of the same actors, must give way to others that foster actions, efforts that promote the development of the country that govern. The renewal of new actors, leading proactive, visionary, committed are necessary, when dan step programs, plans which interpret the needs of the national reality, actions that are needed to exit later, that citizens demand to ensure them a quality of life appropriate according to the demands of the present demands. Democracy, which is must occur in each country guarantee of freedom, which allows you to choose who the people considered should be those who govern the country of According to their qualities of leaders, to their plans, programmes proposed to prosecute its developing country, know leverage their potential and ensure a quality of life they have rights who selected them as their ruler. Not is it can be kept in power by indefinite times, because it would fall into a dictatorship, it would be conducive stagnation in the development of the country, more, when it has been shown that exercised leadership, has not led to changes, necessary transformations that have benefited the country, its citizens. The renewal of leadership is always important, because it gives way to a new management, renewal, commitment to remedy the weaknesses that are manifested, who is responsible for the management of the present product. It is difficult to accept the permanence of a leader for years, because their actions will always be expressed with the same style routine that is known. You always need the renewal of a new leadership that is conducive to favorable changes, news of the approval of the re-election to continue the presidential management in Nicaragua, under the Presidency of Daniel Ortega has caused a great stir, concern, especially for the opposition and this has crossed borders, because it is considered that the Lieutenant Colonel is being consolidated in Latin American and Central American countries which, Venezuela President Hugo Chavez achieved and has instilled so that there are already several countries, especially those who integrate the dawn that their Presidents to continue in power, that re-election is a fact.

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