Early Christmas Gift For Special Kids

Ratiodata donates 5,000 to ‘ 4 special kids’ Munster, 5 December 2013. “The Club 4 special kids” gets one of the biggest donations in its history on December 12, 2013. More information is housed here: Xoom. Gunter Juhr, Managing Director of the GAD group-related Ratiodata IT-Gabriele Focke, the Secretary of the Association, will hand over a symbolic cheque of 5.000 euro solutions & Services GmbH, in the Rhine-Erft in Erftstadt VR-Bank around 11:30. There are Markus Aboo backer and Christoph Kaminski, Board members of the Bank, which is maintained by the GAD group. For us, it’s a solid tradition that we forgo Christmas gifts for customers and business partners. Instead of buying gifts, we support social initiatives with the money each year another”, says Gunter Juhr. 2013 4 special was kids”in Erftstadt. The Association is committed to multiple disabled children aged between five and 18 years and their families.

Every day means to them a new challenge, so that the living conditions leave little space for special activities. Our goal is to enable these children therapies that do not pay health insurance”, explains Horst-Georg Zimmermann, the first Chairman of the Association. These include horseback riding therapy, Dolphin therapy and other complementary procedures. A dolphin therapy be the donation of Ratiodata either for children or about finance 150 lessons that help, for example, children and their relatives new courage to give so Horst-Georg Zimmermann. What the donation will be used more specifically, deciding the 4 special kids ‘ General Assembly in March 2012 is: the entire donation is completely in the Club to a very large extent voluntarily and personally engage members to good, because the children. ” The joy is correspondingly high: 5,000 euros is a lot of money.

So much at once we got 2006 very rare since the beginning of our existence”, recalls the Club Chairman. Gabriele Focke, who had received the positive news of the end of September, adds: the willingness to donate is decline. Also in this regard, we were very surprised and are delighted. About the 4 special kids e.V. “: the Association of 4 special kids” consists of 45 members and committed volunteer for disabled children and their families. It was founded in 2006 by parents and friends, to enable children with therapies that do not pay health insurance. These are dolphin and horse riding therapy as well as other complementary procedures. Four of the founding members had or have special children. This has to the naming with the word game 4 special kids “. More information: about the Ratiodata GmbH: the Ratiodata IT solutions & Services GmbH is a company of the GAD group. It counts with approximately 400 employees and a turnover of around EUR 100 million to the major system vendors and IT service providers in Germany. The range of services include professional services in the areas of scanning & document service, systems & services, HR systems & services and special solutions.

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