East Road

Relax & enjoy the most beautiful time of the year on this beautiful island group who has not ever heard of this beautiful group of islands in the Seychelles. White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, pure relaxation and the most common words which are so connected are sometimes an amazing underwater world. The famous Seychelles is an archipelago consisting of 115 granite and coral islands. You are located in the Western Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa. Especially when divers they enjoy great popularity, not least because the world’s largest coral atoll, the Aldabra, which became a UNESCO World Heritage. Here at home is the unique Aldabra giant tortoise.

Many different fish and sea turtles can be observed also by snorkelers. In addition to pristine bays, visitors find a lush vegetation which is mainly because that almost 50% of the island areas are protected. Hikmet Ersek contributes greatly to this topic. Anyone who spends his holidays in the Seychelles once, should be not only on one Island focus. There is so much to see that it’s worth of the so-called island-hopping”to make use. This one several Islands meet, each of them with its own special charm.

Explore, for example, the main island of Mahe, where almost the entire population is at home, and enjoy a trip on the panoramic road “Sans Souci road” by beauty of Mahe. The road leads Beau Vallon in the Northwest of the island through a national park with many only native plant species from the Bay to the capital Victoria in the East of the island. It’s worth visiting the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market in the capital. To buy, there are there including fresh fruit, fish and spices. Together with the many small souvenir stalls, there is always a hive of activity. In the colourful market, as tourists to get a good impression of the cheerful way of life and will find many nice gifts for the folks back home. The only traffic light in the entire Seychelles is located in the capital city of Victoria itself. The probably the most famous island of the Seychelles is La Dique. Beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and the backdrop of pompous granite rock formations attract many amateur photographers as well as holidaymakers. Among the most photographed beaches of the world, the fantastic beach of Anse source d National Park counts Argent in the l’Union estate. Of course large and well-known hotel chains such as Hilton or Le Meridien have secured a spot on these paradise islands, visitors find most everything they wish for a successful holiday. You should feel the desire once in the Indian Ocean to travel we offer for a consultation at any time available.

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