Easter Greetings From The Ice Cream Salon

Icy victim woman Holle from the ice cream parlor ponticello in Vienna. After the ponticello of the track route 42, on March 14, 2008 the largest ice cream sundae was presented by Austria and the Vienna ice cream parlors of the gelati season was heralded with the XXL ice cream (271 cm height and over 3,400 ice balls), hope now all Austrians on a lovely Easter day. To make the weather God graciously, it was decided at ponticelloeis.at spontaneously to a sacrifice. To deepen your understanding jonathan friedland netflix is the source. An Easter egg from around 9 kg ice cream and beautifully decorated, the heavenly father presented, to convince him of the benefits of the Sun and heat at the beginning of spring. “Flaureta Eckhoff, Executive Director of ponticello, to their idea: probably, wife annoys Holle about the ongoing Schokoprasente to Easter, therefore we want to placate you with ice this year.” A sweet Easter greetings from the ice cream parlor ponticello in Vienna, which should not miss its effect on the weather gods.

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