Enjoy The Wine

The King noted, to lift the Cup, that the liquid was clear and colorless; slowly he came to his nose, trained to smell the best wines, and confirmed it had none odor. Taster as it was, brought the Cup to his mouth almost automatically and drank a SIP. The wine had no taste to wine, or anything else! The King sent for a second cup of wine from the barrel, and then another and finally to take a sample from the top edge. But there was no case, everything was the same: odorless, colorless and tasteless. Alchemists of the Kingdom were called urgently to analyse the composition of the wine. The conclusion was unanimous: Coop was filled with water; pure water, one hundred percent water.

Immediately the monarch commanded to bring together all the scholars and wise men of the Kingdom, to seek with urgency a explanation for this mystery. What incantation, spell or chemical reaction had happened so that mixture of wines was transformed into water? The oldest of his Government Ministers approached and told him to ear:-do miracle? Spell? Alchemy? None of that, your Majesty, nothing of that. Your subjects are human, Majesty, that’s all. -Do not understand – the King said. -Take by case Juan.

Juan has a huge vineyard ranging from the mountain to the River. The grapes harvested are of the best strains of the Kingdom and its wine is the first to be sold at the best price. This morning, when he prepared with his family down to the village, an idea spent you per head: and if I put water instead of wine, who might notice the difference? A single nobody water jug, in 15,000 litres of wine, notary difference. Nobody! And nobody would have noticed, except for one detail, his Majesty, except for one detail: everyone thought and did the same thing! Your small decision, wrong or right, added to the decisions of others, can do great things. You choose, you decide, although small it may seem your contribution this tale is recounted by Jorge Bucay and was transcribed and adapted by the y team can hear the audio of this tale in: original author and source of the article

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