Europe Companies

Since we are a global dispersion keep track of our investments, we look around us not only in the domestic market. In Europe, there are companies that are already very successful and are currently affected by the economic slowdown. These companies are however highly interesting for us, because the crisis is also over. Thomas Bayer: Which companies are of interest to you? The German carmaker also? David McKenna: The German car makers are interesting for us less. We have approximately $250 million dollars for the year 2009, so do we participate in companies and projects of small and medium-sized enterprises. We here do not fixate on an industry and say we want to only companies from the automotive industry. Read additional details here: Hewlett Packard. Our recipe for success is very simple, we invest in the different markets and regions, not only in emerging markets.

Therefore we are just now on the ground. Thomas Bayer: How does a company actually become a portfolio companies? David McKenna: Interested companies fill out a data collection form on our website. There you can get more information first information are given to the companies, and the investment. Within a few days, we will process the request and decide whether this company is appropriate. Should be suitable to the company from our point of view, we perform a first on-site visit to get to know the market and the numbers. We give us a picture of the company. We want to logically very well know in which companies we will invest up to $15 million dollars and why. Again and again, also ailing companies behind the mass hiding. Thomas Bayer: Have companies obtained already lacking the financial resources more through your bank, even the opportunity to venture capital or equity? David McKenna: Of course, we the company quite different light look at. Our economists analyze the company completely different such as a bank.

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