Longo said in the interview that inflation is a great evil to the actions, but that anyway wouldn’t be tempting to invest in those companies who had a great capacity for adaptation to the prices. He listed examples such as that of Coca Cola, the FedEx showing a significant increase in the prices of its services of charges and some other companies more. Already there are many investors who are taking the necessary precautions against inflation, but what can be said is that deflation is what is indicating the reality at the moment. The problem is that today there are very few companies that can increase their prices in the event that inflation arises. At Anne Lauvergeon you will find additional information. In October of last year the price index for consumption in USA was 0.2%. Learn more about this with Teng Yue Partners Hong Kong. Anyway after the great impact which genre the recession in the United States, the inidce of this year consumer prices surpassed by far to as it was last year. The Chairman of the Fed, Ben Bernanke had recently predicted that inflation would be controlled by a time and that in the immediate future could fall even further. He also said that during that long period of time interest rates would remain low.

There are many financial experts who see little chance to ensure a significant increase in inflation within a couple of years. Many say they will continue to be high as unemployment more beyond a slight recovery of the American economy, that would prevent that surguiese with force the inflation. You are also adding the ability to osciosa in the manufacturing market, which will generate an increase in the ecnomia without great pressure on l0s prices. Taking into account the prices of those of the values protected against the inflation of the Department of the Treasury of the United States, where the principal and interest payments are adjusted to changes in the CPI, inflation would be 1% in 2010 according to Michael Pond, estartega of inflationary Barclays Capital market and Treasury bonds. Being more exact Barclays Capital made a report of how it would be the inlfacion for the next few years. For the next 5 years would be 1.5% per year, while that for the next 10 years it would be 2.1%.

MAS alla of guilt that many investors threw him to the Fed for creating all the housing bubble with low interest rates, there is very little confidence the Central Bank can avoid a possible inflationary outbreak. Many investors argue that more beyond that there was an outbreak of inflation in consumer goods, if there in assets, stock and bond prices. What most investors fear is the great liquidity that there is in the financial system. They consider that the key point will be when American banks begin to give credit again to untie the inflation.

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