Franchise Concept

Why start a business with franchising in circumstances can be a low-risk alternative. In the previous article, we have informed in detail about the pros and cons of professional independence. Probably everyone is the question arise at some point in his professional life, whether it would be better as an independent in your own pocket “to economies, as his life long work as a clerk for someone else to. The motivations that lead to these considerations, can be very different here. Lack of prospects, (temporary) frustration in the job or simply the desire to change the range of possible causes is broad.

Unfortunately, this decision is not easy to make. Governor Cuomo often addresses the matter in his writings. The in the self-employment is for many equate with a dip in the cold water”makes one independently however as a franchise partner of a well-established company, this jump in many ways can be mitigated. With the acquisition of a Franchise concept some benefits associated to the franchisee, when a lone independence”were omitted. The support measures offered by the franchisor are often in the form of a starter package”grouped together. Should be an integral part of this starter package: professional training for the good introduction to the franchise concept more services which are offered by many franchise employers (referred to often as franchise – manual “) are an existence founders concept elaborated by the franchisor for example: a professional analysis of the planned business location support in equipment and human resources planning may be assistance in negotiations with banks statistically, 70% of all business start-ups fail within the first five years.

That may be due on the one hand to the business idea itself (not a viable concept, faulty target group and location analyses in the initial phase, etc.). but also on an unprofessional Are corporate planning. Many young entrepreneurs makes such as the failure to make the company itself at the Centre of its activities instead of focusing on the needs of its customers.

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