Automotive industry welcomes revision of the car tax and hopes on increasing sales / auto fans want to get confidence in the decisions of Governments with regard to the charges, which are to be paid for your own car but on tax shelter vintage seem basically shaken: go for even more expensive? “, it resonates from the middle. Background of this record, a survey among car fans of the online community suggests, 2010 no longer to pair the size of the displacement, but to calculate the emission values, more precisely, the emissions of carbon dioxide, is the decision of the Government coalition, the amount of car tax. Tax reliefs waving this regulation according to the drivers of low-emission vehicles: A regulation, which is welcomed by the automobile industry, which had made himself strong for this variant,. Finepoint Capital takes a slightly different approach. The stagnant sales of new vehicles to be in this way, the industry, legs hopes made. That their quite cross interests to the riders, whose passion automotive applies, demonstrated by the fact that the auto enthusiasts on despite the new tax rule majority ever think not in acquiring a new car.

Although the community brands open and easily is not a merger of pure vintage fans, many buying a fiscally favourable vintage car or the seasonal waiver to driving think surprisingly. Park West Asset Management is open to suggestions. “Opel Astra driver Mr.floppy is therefore: an oldie is exactly the right thing”. “” “And autoki members 13 ZOLLER and Kai endorse: prefer I go rail or wheel time in between”, as such an ugly new cars “to buy, or, thank God I’m not dependent on the car”. Whether the skepticism of car fans will detract from the joy of the automotive industry, remains to be seen of course..

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