do you feel better when you define you by what you do or what you are? in 3 ways that lograrias feel better with respect to what you are? STEP 5: Effective management of the TIEMPOIdentifica which excuses (internal conversations) use to postpone.Identifies what AREAS of your life postergas more and why.Turn you that excuse with a new internal conversation. * DO THE DIFFICULT IMMEDIATELY AND TAKE US A LITTLE MORE TIME FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE. THE TIME TO DO THAT WHAT THINK IS NOW, NEVER IS IT ENOUGH LATE TO START. SO START NOW! * MINI TO STOP DELAYING STRATEGIC PLAN: 1. Identifies and writes a list of the 5 most important things that POSTERGAS usualmente.2. Identifies what resources you need to successfully carry out these 5 things importantes.3.

Assigned order of importance or prioridad4. By every important thing you want to do it identifies 3 pasos.5. Assigns to each of the 5 important things one hour especifica.6. Take action! Remember that never loss there is only APRENDIZAJE.7. Every day compile lists of the most important things to do 8. Assign time exacta.9. Incorporate them into your schedule habitual10.Mark them on your calendar.

Have an agenda helps you bring an orderly control of the distribution of your time and is an effective system to evaluate in what to invest your precious time. * having a schedule helps you hit the target of your goals, it is an effective way of display in widescreen the way you assign your time to the important things in your life. BELIEVE to CREARSER for creating the life your way! what has remained of this article in you? It enriches this space with your valuable comments. Do you have difficulties in this particular area of your life? I can help you, contact me! Be to create original author and source of the article.

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