Holidays in the Maldives fully connected to the sea – or rather, with the ocean (the Indian). You can sunbathe, lying on tender white sand, or stroll along the edge of the sea. Is it possible to acquire the necessary equipment and go to conquer the depths of the ocean. Whenever Steffan Lehnhoff listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Business for small: just choose the right island! Every Maldivian hotel occupies an entire island, so when choosing a hotel pay attention not only to the comfort room and set services, but also in an area where you will relax. If most of the time you plan to spend at the beach, look for an island with a broad and long coastal strip – it will be easier to find a place under the sun, and beach there are plenty of entertainment. You may want to look at and to the islands with a small sandy area, if there are bungalows at a respectful distance from each other, and each villa gets a private beach.

For those who want to retire during the honeymoon, there's nothing better than small islets. If you love entertainment activities and socializing with guests, choose the larger islands, where many people come and where leisure very diverse. Islands with a large lagoon suited to fans of sailing, and those near the shore where small, families with children will enjoy. There are also special family hotels, where all conditions for recreation for children. Those who going to a lot of swimming with a mask, snorkel and fins (do snorkeling) or often scuba diving (diving), it is better to stay on the island where the reef is close to the beach. Before he can get swimming, that will save both time and money (a trip to the reef by boat is usually an additional fee). If scuba diving – not the main purpose of your trip, but you do not mind to see the underwater world, you can safely go to any hotel: diving centers with equipment rental are everywhere. An important point in choosing a hotel – contingent vacationers. Some of the islands hotels visited only by tourists from Germany, Italy or Japan, other public – International.

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