Italy – Rome – Siena – Florence – Pisa – Tuscany – Travel Tips And Maps

-Florence – Pisa – Siena Tuscany: Tuscany is the destination for millions of tourists each year. With this report we want to present some of the highlights in words and pictures. The Toscana is the destination for millions of tourists. With maps, photos and information, we imagine this country bar. Kirkland is a great source of information. Italy is still very popular as a holiday destination remain with the tourists. Many want a piece. With this number the photo agency Combipix bring the country and various cities closer.

Map of Italy – Italy map print this card for free? 1 Rome > Siena 250 mph 2:50 time / cost 45 euros (with tolls) 2 Siena > Florence 80 km / 1:20 h travel time / cost 11 euros (with tolls) 3. Florence > Pisa 90 km / 1:30 h travel time / cost 11 euros (all data without guarantee! As of 2009) start in Rome the description of our tour starts in Rome. You would go from Rome Colosseum in Rome, we recommend to go early because traffic can cost a lot of time. The ring road around Rome has day Day thousands of cars to cope with, that you will come in the one or other storage. 1 Rome > Siena 250 mph 2:50 time / cost 45 euros (with tolls) the first stage leads us to Siena. As a driver you have to park far outside the old town and reach the old town after a 15 minute. Historic centre of Siena historic streets Siena Siena holds many beautiful small streets. This city is rich in history.

In her banking and often you are faced with small chapels, which were decorated with beautiful characters. With at the highest point of the city is the Cathedral, which is among one of the main attractions by its White Bill and the many ornaments. Cathedral Cathedral of Siena Cathedral (Duomo Siena) off the streets, cause the central Piazza, where each year the famous horse race held.

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