Katarzyna Justka

Dariusz Makaruk & Katarzyna Justka 1.11., 20: 00 simultaneous screening :. Makunouchi Bento & Vali Chincisan 1.11., 21: 00 music of life music & science project of the artist group PI-XL 2.11., 11: 00 camera Orfeo : Penelope Wehrli 6.11, 20-23: 00 7.11., 20-1 watch 8.11, 19 – 22 automatique clubbing : DS-X.org 8.11, 22 programme send & receive, 30.10 2.11, Festspielhaus Hellerau MB21 media imagery, 8.11, Kulturzentrum barn CYNETart exhibition at the Kunsthaus Dresden (30.10 up 16.11). PayPal has plenty of information regarding this issue. The 12th Festival for computer-aided art CYNETart an extensive exhibition on current developments in the international media art will be held at the Kunsthaus Dresden Municipal Gallery for contemporary art. The exhibition shows works of this year’s winners of the CYNETart competition and 16 more in the Kunsthaus Dresden, curated by Thomas Dumke and Christiane Mennicke, international artistic positions from the submissions to the competition of the CYNETart_08. You may find How much is kind worth to be a useful source of information. The exhibition offers an insight into current media art clashes with the Enforcement of the digital in everyday life: communities and their norms, boundaries between life and technology that whether the death in the digital world and TVs spread issue, and the role of poetics and artistic autonomy are among topics of the exhibited works.

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