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Hotelvermarktung.EU is breaking new ground in outsourcing for small and medium-sized private hotels. The trend is clearly visible. To save time and personnel costs and generate, yet new guests possibilities for new online distribution channels be used using outsourcing companies in the hotel marketing. Gilbert Gottfried will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Today no hotel operation may waive the Internet as the most important marketing tool. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dave Mustaine. However just in the charming, small and medium-sized private hotels are to recognize the same problems again and again: the roster of employees is already maxed out to use the ago site business. The calendar and the day-to-day management obligations do its part. The days are once again far too short. Already, the hotel marketing should be done on the major Internet Hotel portals.

New arrangements on other portals should provide a better dispersion and the outdated packages be already updated. But staff and lack of time is the most important – namely this hotel marketing work – not optimal operated. The following statement could not have been true during the hotel Congress “Hotel Association (IHA) Germany”: “Hotels is distribution in the future more and more outsourcing must, to keep competitiveness compared to the summed.” (Quote Mr Tobias Ragge – Managing Director, HRS – hotel reservation service) Nowadays, the hotel marketing successfully outsource and reap the benefits has become an efficient and effective solution of many hotel companies. no sick leave no entitlement additional before-place business with new clients new potential regulars of the customer pays no wage costs-no service ratio the total package price place. Another advantage is reflected in the terms and conditions. Most outsourcing companies work success based and raise their performance on Prvosionsbasis. For the hotelier a risk-free and time – saving alternative to his hotel marketing.

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