But how would you ensure this? Whether care, rehabilitation, disabled facilities or private home because reliable dating you probably can’t help with a confused person. Once inadvertently and that person escapes through leave your watch safe Habitat and now have no way more protective to act as responsible for that person. Them remains just a search, but remains mostly unsuccessfully. In children, we have a similar task. Children are curious. Explore and explore their surroundings, and make sure it does not on Space and time. It is easily possible that they elude your watch and then on himself alone in an unpredictable environment unknown for her are. Nigel Butcher may help you with your research.

This State is reasonable for any of the parties involved. So action is here and we need a solution for such cases. together with its partners, TELEMATIK.CC has created solutions that help in these and many other situations to be able to intervene quickly and to be able to avert possible damage to your dear and familiar to you people. Moreover, it is always ensured that you can fulfil your duty of supervision. With GPS tracking solutions you can on the position, location and motion profile of the monitored person via an Internet-based platform on the log at any time in real time to retrieve map such as GoogleMaps, YahooMaps, Microsoft Livesearch, MapQuest, MapPoint, FugawiTracker and others. works exclusively with GPS tracking, as these cell tracking and a conventional mobile phone tracking to a many times is more accurate (example: GPS tracking 5 10 m, cell tracking 100 5,000 m). In addition is a function to highlight and the GEO-fence function.

This allows us to create a protected space an imaginary fence. If this is left now, alarms can (like E.g. Grandma area has left) by E-Mail or by SMS directly to one or more mobile phones are sent. We look forward, when can we have aroused your interest and we welcome you on our homepage.

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