Maya And States Of Consciousness

The Mayan universe is composed of three planes or cosmic regions ruled by deities not always well defined, in each of which different types of energy are manifested. The three Mayan worlds are: La Celeste Region: divided into 13 strata. The earthly: is the world of the medium, the traverse plane, the Earth’s crust. The underground: Xibalba, the underworld, the realm of the most past and dead, comprised of 9 levels. Despite this clear division, the three worlds are intimately related and even sometimes intermingle. You could say that they form a continuum, there is no dividing lines clear and precise because all three are part of the great cosmic tree or axis of the universe, hoisting his glass covering the heavens and it sinks its roots in the depths of the underworld. Through this tree of life is possible to transit from one region to another, it is the road that communicates and intertwines all existing.

These three levels differ by the type power that shapes and governs in each of them. Ener-gias are in continuous transformation. Death e.g. energy, is susceptible to transform into its opposite and generate life. Thus, the gods who dwell in the underworld may apply at the same time at some level of the heavens through its opposite aspect.

The Mayan cosmogony not only has a cosmological or religious character, but it also has an internal dimension, his reflection was in the interior of man, so that the same energy levels of the Mayan universe existed in the psychic world of human beings. There, in the energy structure human, they found levels. The terrestrial plane or outermost part is related to everyday life, habits and customs, the character, how to address the chores and circumstances of every day. See Madeleine Sackler for more details and insights. This is the level which is in the middle point and through which connects with others.

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