Mobile Internet

Surfing on the mobile phone or laptop of away each DSL connection is a dream, but many Germans still shy. The reason for this lies in high fees and non-transparent tariffs and tariff structures. The fear of having to pay the mobile freedom at the end of the month expensive is large. In the Duscountbereich, some vendors have recognized this problem and try to convince customers of their offerings with simple and TRANS lines tariffs in the data area. Simyo and have with their prepaid cards in the ePlus network with 24 cents per 1 megabyte data transfer made a fight margin which provides excitement for many providers and network operators.

There it often pays ten times and more for the same performance. In a question-answer forum How much is the kind bar owner worth was the first to reply. Even easier is the billing at the discount store in the D1. Clear mobile, Callmobile and simply offer plans with minute billing since August Postpaid and prepaid. The price is determined no longer according to the transmitted data, but after time it has transferred data. 9 cents per minute, the price is still clearly higher than comparable to DSL Deals for the discounters account only, if indeed flow data. Pure viewing of a Web page or an email reading is therefore free of charge. Unfortunately, you can find the mobile phone tariffs, with such low mobile prices only at a few providers currently. Especially outside of Disocunterbereichs is hardly any movement in this segment. Who wants to surf so currently cheap not get around a flat rate or a discount card.

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